Best Free URL Shortener in 2020 converts your long, cumbersome links into short, easier to use links for use in social media, e-mails and SMS messages. No online URL Shortener makes shorter URL's than Best of all, our service is and always will be 100% free!


  1. Shorten your long cumbersome links to short links!
  2. Unlimited use! No limits!
  3. Completely anonymous use! No account needed!
  4. Great for social media, e-mail and sms messages!
  5. Must have utility for online marketers!
  6. No domain bans!
  7. Shortest URL's possible!
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How to use:

Simply copy and paste your long URL into the text box and click "Shorten My URL":



Easily integrate with our service from your software. No API keys, no accounts.

URL to send URL shortening requests:

HTTP request method: GET

Name Data Type Max Length Required Example Comment
url String 768 Yes Value must be url encoded
Example GET request:

The response is in text format and simply contains the shortened URL. Click the example GET request above to see the response.

Response Problems:

If there is a problem with your request, the response will be blank. Here is what to look at if you get a blank request:

That's it!

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FAQ #1: Does your domain name mean anything? No. It's just short.

FAQ #2: Is your domain name inspired by boy band One Direction (1d)? No. Please, stop.

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